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A Global Epidemic

In the United States, 30 million people are living with diabetes.

In China, the number is 110 Million.

By 2035, more than 600 million people around the world will have diabetes

By any definition, we are in the throes of an epidemic. Science and humankind need a big idea to change the course of this wretched disease.

The History

F. G. Banting 1923 Charles Herbert Best. Photograph. Wellcome V0026044

In the early 1920's, Canadians Fredrick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin and set the stage for its use in the treatment of diabetes. While insulin has frequently proven effective in the management of diabetes, SciMar is now at the clinical testing stage of a program designed to detect, prevent and reverse diabetes.

This is all due to the breakthrough science of another award-winning Canadian scientist
Dr. W. Wayne Lautt of the University of Manitoba.


In 1996, Dr. Lautt identified a hormone secreted by the liver during digestion. The hormone is called "Hepatic Insulin Sensitizing Substance" or HISS.

When HISS is missing, the body becomes less effective at metabolizing food and, over time, a person will progress from pre-diabetes to diabetes.

Dr. Lautt concluded that if we could replace the HISS hormone or stimulate its secretion, we could conquer diabetes while tackling obesity and some forms of cardiovascular disease.

The breakthrough is based on many years of animal studies, verification in humans with international collaborators, and a small clinical trial.

The science has been published nationally and internationally in 40 peer-reviewed papers. The results of the clinical and animal testing have validated Dr. Lautt's hypothesis:

Replacing HISS can prevent and reverse diabetes.

To date, Dr. Lautt has attracted $9.1 million in grants and $8.2 million in private support. Operating as a private company called SciMar Ltd., Dr. Lautt and his colleagues are eager to take HISS to the next level of clinical testing in order to meet the U.S Food and Drug Administration's stringent requirements.

The SciMar Team


Mick Lautt

Co-founder, CEO

  • Founded SciMar in 2009, to transform SciMar’s discoveries into an investment opportunity
  • 20 year background in corporate consulting in organizational development, management, leadership
Scimar - Wayne Lautt


Dr. W. Wayne Lautt

Co-founder, President

  • Founded SciMar in 2009, to bring his breakthrough discoveries to market
  • Professor Emeritus University of Manitoba, Michael Smith award winner in scientific research
Scimar - John West


John West

Business Development

  • Joined SciMar in 2015, to develop SciMar’s business plan into a de-risked project plan
  • 20 year background in strategy consultant for world’s largest companies in big data, business analytics, e-commerce, software development, supply chain, forecasting and growth
Dr. Wayne Lautt

“ I became a scientist because I wanted to make a positive difference in the world. This is a culmination of my life's work that I know will change the course of human health. I am inspired by the validation and support of the scientific community, and moved by the enthusiasm of investors who want to see this go forward.”

Dr. Wayne Lautt

  • Professor Emiritus
  • Department of Pharmacology and Theraputics
  • University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Wayne Lautt is a respected academic, Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba, and a winner of the Michael Smith Prize in Health Research, presented by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
  • Dr. Lautt’s research goes back decades. He has published 200+ articles in peer-reviewed journals, including 40 related to the HISS discovery.
  • The HISS drugs developed by Dr. Lautt and SciMar are composed of a novel combination of drugs already approved by the FDA.
  • The FDA’s Investigational New Drug application process has three rigorous stages. SciMar has completed the first stage of the FDA process and is well advanced in the second. Our current project will take us through the third stage. Successful completion of trials and the FDA process will ensure that SciMar’s approach is safe and effective.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Paula Macedo (Portugal)

Professor, Metabolic Diseases Research Group, New University of Lisbon
Ph.D. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Dr. Luke Zhang (China)

President and Founder, China-Canada Diabetes Assoc. Chairman and CEO of GLG Life Technologies
Ph.D. Pharmacy and Ph.D. Pharmacology

Dr. Jon Gerard (Canada)

Clinical Research Scientist
Former MP Minister of Science and Technology MLA party leader Gov’t of Manitoba.
M.D. and Ph.D.

Dr. Bram Ramjiawan (Canada)

Director of Research Asper Clinical Research Institute Director of Research Innovation and Regulatory Affairs Adjunct Professor Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Dr. David Showmaker (USA)

Senior Vice President, Research and Development, RHO. FDA Regulatory, Product Development, and Marketing Approval.

Dr. Jack Modell (USA)

Vice President and Senior Medical Officer, RHO

Clinical Research & Trials, Clinical Drug Development & Safety, Medical Governance and Compliance

Scott Keller (International)

Director of Business Development, Relias Learning / Past-CEO of Assessment and Intelligence Systems

Bruce Miller (Canada)

Senior Development Officer at Indspire / Independent Consultant Aboriginal Community Relations

Product Development

SciMar is developing four product lines as it prepares for market entry
Diabetes blood test with powder mix


A system that lets people measure and understand their metabolic health using a powdered meal, a blood glucose monitor, and a smartphone app. The test can detect diabetes up to 10 years earlier than current testing.

Meal suppliment pills


A daily supplement to promote the production of HISS and prevent diabetes for those at risk.

Pills with box in the background


A drug taken at every meal to promote proper secretion of HISS and, therefore. the healthy metabolism of food by people who are prediabetic or who are already diabetic. For these people, diabetes can be reversed.

Hormone syringe

The HISS Hormone

For people with advanced diabetes, therapy based on the HISS hormone will manage this devasting disease more effectively than insulin.


These products are protected by 18 patents filed in 10 countries
Map Highlighting 10 countries across the globe

$17.3M in previous funding

Public grants and awards, approx. $9.1M

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Canadian Liver Foundation
  • Manitoba Health Research Council
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Portuguese Diabetes Association

Private funding approx. $8.2M

  • DiaMedica
  • Zymefast Inc.
  • SciMar Ltd.

Investment Highlights

  • Dr. Lautt’s discovery has 18 patents in 10 countries (including the U.S. and China where diabetes rates are skyrocketing) and several additional defensive patents. The intellectual property, and therefore your investment, is well protected.
  • Major pharmaceutical companies have expressed interest in SciMar’s work and are waiting for the clinical trials and the FDA process to be completed. Their interest is enhanced by the fact that most of their patents for current diabetes drugs will expire in about five years.
  • About $550 billion is spent annually on diabetes drugs.
  • SciMar will prepare the clinical trials, run the clinical trials, and prepare data for the FDA and ultimately the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Revenues are expected to flow in 2022.

In Canada


Of All Youth


Of Indigenous Youth

will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime


This new approach to detecting, preventing, and reversing diabetes, brings an investment opportunity to people who care about global health.

The science of HISS is well advanced. There is progress in the FDA approval process. There is validation from the scientific community in the form of peer-reviewed papers. There is interest from the pharmaceutical sector. There are clinical trial plans in place with exceptional institutional partners at St. Boniface Hospital and the Reh-Fit Centre.

The SciMar team is working diligently to conquer diabetes before it takes an even greater toll on global health, we are grateful for your interest.

Please join us on the journey.


Invest in SciMar’s current project to bring its diagnostic and therapeutic products to market.

SciMar offers early investors a chance to change the world for people with type 2 diabetes as well as offering sizable returns within a 3 year period.

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Take part in clinical trials at our lab, or field test at home. Join a list for early testing of our diagnostic app and new pill.

Over the next 3 years, SciMar will be running a variety of human demonstration, human clinical trials, community initiatives, and home field tests.

To learn more about how you can be directly involved and contribute to this important research, please share your name, e-mail, and why you are interested and we will contact you with details.