Our Vision

A world where type 2 diabetes—and the conditions that lead to it—can be prevented and reversed through transformative science and by engaging individuals in their own wellness.

Our Mission

  • To change the current paradigm of type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment by introducing hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (HISS) to the medical community and to the community at large.
  • To engage communities and individuals to share anonymous health and wellness information.
  • To bring together leading scientists, socially-conscious investors, and passionate health-focused organizations in pursuit of a world free of type 2 diabetes.
  • To act responsibly in pursuit of business success and scientific breakthroughs.

Our Values

Integrity – We temper our excitement about the enormity of our breakthroughs with sharp attention to detail and adherence to best practice in every aspect of our business.
Innovation – Inspired by the original efforts of Dr. Wayne Lautt, we believe in opening our eyes to new discoveries, opening our minds to new ideas, and building a team to seize opportunities.
Collaboration – Success requires communities of like-minded people, businesses, and organizations working together over time in common cause. Collaboration is essential to our business.
Respect – We respect each other, our partners, and the individuals whose lives we touch. Respect is central to how we work together.
Wellness – We promote community, individual, and environmental well-being wherever we operate.