What people are saying about SciMar

Type 2 diabetes has an enormous impact on patients and their families, not to mention health care policy and funding. The disease presents an enormous social burden and I am happy to see that a new paradigm in managing it might be on the horizon. I trust the SciMar team and am impressed by the science. Most important, I’m excited about the impact we could have.

Dr. Scott Kish

Manitoba Family Physician of the Year Award, 2018 SciMar Investor

The opportunity to be part of this exciting venture and positively impact the lives of an incredibly large number of people is intensely satisfying and I am honoured to play a role by investing in this ethical company. There are also fascinating possibilities for agriculture and for the health of the commercial food chain.

Dr. Roxane Neufeld

Past-President, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, SciMar Investor

A lot of factors played into my decision to invest in SciMar. I’m Indigenous and live with type 2 diabetes. So does my mom. I see the impact that the disease has on my community and I believe that SciMar’s science can lead to important solutions and enrich people’s lives. I am impressed by the company’s business model and moved by their commitment to social responsibility.

Sam Hofer

Senior Product Manager, Information Technology, SciMar Investor

I’ve been investing for over 40 years. I always do my homework before I make a decision. When I did my homework on SciMar, I came to understand the enormous market potential and global health benefits of the products SciMar is developing. I trust the CEO and believe that my investment in SciMar will pay off. I rarely use the word ‘excited’, but I am excited.

Mel Wyshynski

Former Division President, INCO Ltd. SciMar Investor

When visionaries like Mick Lautt knock on my door we pay attention because we know from our 40-year history that when great thinkers come together to challenge the status quo, that is how innovation happens. In our line of work we’ve seen first-hand how innovation changes lives.

Sue Boreskie

Chief Executive Officer, Reh-Fit Centre (Winnipeg)

I believe SciMar is on the brink of the discoveries that the world has been waiting for—discoveries that will benefit our communities, our families, and ourselves.

Dr. Bram Ramjiawan

Director of Research, Asper Clinical Research Institute, St. Boniface Hospital; Director of Research, Innovation and Regulatory Affairs; Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Dr. Lautt’s work is steeped in innovation, passion, and excellent science. I am proud to serve on SciMar’s Advisory Board. I fully expect that this work will save lives and alter global health policy and practice.

Dr. Jon Gerrard

Former Federal Minister of Science and Technology; Member of Legislative Assembly (Manitoba)